Alpha Version 0.0.8

This update introduces the support for multi-module programs and a syntax change. You can read the docs to see how to use imports.

After this change, modules are now renamed as classes, and utility module syntax support has been removed. You can simply change util to class.

Alpha Version 0.0.2

This update changes the design of the language.

Now the syntax of the method access changes from expr.methodName to expr::methodName, and the dot syntax now means field access. Therefore, you now have two ways to access a field:

function oldWay(): int =
    val { age } = this;

// shorter and cleaner in this case
function newWay(): int = this.age

Docs on the website and the test cases have been updated.

Alpha Version 0.0.1

This is the first alpha release.

The language syntax and semantics are far from stable.

The live interpreter will be hosted soon.

Stay tuned for more info.